In this page-- Wholesale containers light industrial products, Embroidery, foodstuffs, native products and animal-by products, chemical pharmaceutical and health products, machinery and equipments, hardware and mineral ore, textile goods, garments and down products. New items added frequently so please visit us often to keep up to date.

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Different Items

1, Light Industrial Products

2, Embroidery & Gifts 
3, Foodstuff
4, Native & Animal-by Products
5, Chemical Pharmaceutical
6, Machinery Equipment
7, Hardware Mineral Ore
8, Textile Goods
9, Garment & Down Products

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Online Sale Different Items 
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1, Light Industrial Products: A, Golf clubs B, Toys, Christmas trees  C, Bicycles  D, Enamelware  
E, Gloves  F, Plastic woven bags  G, Table-ware  H, Light bulbs  I, Healthy products.

2, Embroidery Products: A, Embroidery garments  B, Embroidery bed products  C, Embroidery Carpets  D, Carvings  E, Gifts  F, Straw cushions  G, Reed curtains  H, Willow woven goods.

3, Foodstuffs:

4, Native & Animal-by Products:

5, Chemical Pharmaceutical and Health Products: A, Sodium hydroxide  Sodium cyanide Hydrochloric acid  Hydrogen peroxide  Calcium oxide  Calcium hydroxide  Calcium hypochlorite  Lead nitrate  Borax  Silica  Soda ash  Sodium nitrate  Sulfamic acid, Potassium permanganate, Alcohol, Oxalic acid, Acid dyes, Salt dyes, Neutral dyes, J-acid, Tobias acid, Diphenyl naphthalene, Titanium dioxide, ABS resin ABS, DSD acid. Aluminium phosphide, Industrial penicillin sylvite, Industrial penicillin sodium salt, I billion sulphuric streptomycin 10, Oral streptomycin, Dry Chinese yam, Abdomen mat, Triangular bandages, Abdomen operation towers, Washing cotton cloths, Hygienic erasers, Cotton cloth bags, dentiscalp rums, Sanitary club, Chinese scholar tree seeds, Gauze pads

6, Machinery Equipments: Diesel engines, Diesel generator sets, dry transformers, Jacks, Bulldozer, Loading conveyer, Bench drilling machine, Bearings, Ball guide screws, Steel circles, Tractors, Road rollers, Rice mills, Combined rice mills, Threshers, Thresher heads, Machine tools, Machine tool accessories, Drill chucks, Drill chuck arbors, End mill holders, Drill sleeves.

7, Hardware Mineral Ores: A, Marble garden's products, Iron hinges, Fasteners, Turnbuckles, Thimblgs, Chains, Iron nail, Galvanized iron threads, Water pipe parts, Window screen materials, Steel rope chucks, Shackles, Triangular circles, Cargo hook, Iron chain, Rare-earth refined ores, Rare-earth refined ores, Rare-earth alloys, Cement, Marble plates, Granite plates, Coal, Plum bobs, Pincers, Plot clippers, Pliers, Clipping pliers, Bench vices, Domestic vices, Adjustable spanner, screwdriver sets, Phillips screwdriver sets, Mixed screwdriver sets, files, File sets, Saw frames, Panel saws, Compass saws, Back saws, Chisels, Drove chisels, Clamps, Spade heads, Spades, Electronic parts

8, Textile Goods: A, Mosquito net  B, Insoles C, Hats Tossa jutes, Jute bags, Cotton yarns, Rabbit hair yarns, Cotton cloths, Cotton fabrics, Cotton coloured fabrics, Cotton pattern fabrics, Cotton polyester cloths, Primary, Coloured, Viscose fabrics, Wool fabrics, Refined, Rough, Towels, Bathing towels, Square towels, Tea set towels, Sheets, Woollen blankets, Vests, 

9, Garments & Down Products: Cotton garments, Shirts, Jackets, Children's, Work clothes, Coats, Cotton polyester garments, Viscose garments, Woollen garments, Western style trousers, Western suits, Western coats, Down garments, Down quilts, Down pillow, Down sleeping bags.



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