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Direct Sales

The Golden Ying sales force operates throughout the North Lincolnshire area, but it is a large area and only a small team of sales people, so if we have not yet covered your area, don't worry. If you feel there is a significant number of people in your area who would like our sales team to call, then please get in touch with us. We are quite willing to change our schedule to visit eager customers at the earliest opportunity.
In addition to the retail sales, Golden Ying also have a door to door sales team operating in the North Lincolnshire area, selling direct to the public at good discounts. If you operate a direct sales team outside the North Lincolnshire area, and would like to consider selling our products, then please get in touch so that we can discuss the matter.

Mail Order

The mail order operation was added in order to give the UK population living outside the North Lincolnshire area a chance to buy our very fine footwear. We are always looking for cost effective advertising opportunities, so please get in touch if you feel you have something to offer.


Online Wholesale Press

Golden Ying wholesale a wide range of footwear that are imported from many different countries.
We offer good quality footwear at affordable prices where there is enough profit in the items for the retailer to make a fair profit.
All of our present customers are happy doing business with us as we provide an affordable efficient and friendly service
If you would like to add our range to your footwear list, or if you wish to start out selling footwear, please Press Online Wholesale, also can contact us to discuss wholesale terms and conditions.

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