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Greeves frame with new tank and seat trial fitted. This trial fit up has been done so i can fit the new strengthening tubes without fouling the tank and seat. There will be two tubes that go from under the tank to the down tubes above the swinging arm pivot (see next page) . The original back gearbox mounts will need to be removed as I will be using a quaffe gearbox and this will need engine plates above and below the box which will fasten to the frame above the swinging arm (picture to be added when the work has been carried out). The frame will also be strengthened around the swinging arm pivots as I hope the new engine will be producing a lot more power than a standard Oulton.


The two new strengthening struts have now been brazed into position to give some extra strength to the sub frame. The next job will be to strengthen around the swinging arm pivots and alter the swinging arm to fit the larger wheel spindle and new brake anchor. 

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