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The Greeves has been put on hold until the Konig is finished. I have bought a few parts and spares while I have been waiting for my Konig engine. I purchased a complete Griffin engine which is the same as the Oulton but it is 360cc. I will keep this as a spare and maybe rebuild it to 350cc so I can use it.

I need a gearbox for this project and will probably use a 5 speed Norton box with clutch. I also need to purchase a Greeves fairing but this can wait until the bike is finished. I was going to use Honda CB 72 wheels but I have now got a G50 front wheel so I might try to fit this. The back wheel I will try to find a Greeves wheel. So if anyone needs Honda wheels I have a set.

I did manage to make the footrest hangers and footrests so if I get time I will braze them to the main frame. 

Well that's all for the Greeves for the start of 2012 but I would like to finish it and get some young lad to race it.

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