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2012 (All other projects are on hold until i get this sidecar finished and ready to race)

This is an update of my Konig projects(680cc). I have finished all frame modifications and the radiator plus header tank is fitted. I have fitted all the water pipework and just need to fit the finished engine to finalise the pipes. The petrol talk is finished and fitted under the passinger platform .Everything now is waiting for the new engine and once fitted I can final assemble all the parts ready for the test run.

I still have to make a platform to fit inside the back of our van to lift the outfit above the back wheel arches but this is an afternoons work.

There is still quite a lot to do but I will get there eventually hopefully so I can race it this coming season. The only thing holding up progress at the moment is the engine which I hope to get in the near future.

I now have all the new parts to make new engines which I can produce in any capacity. The only time constraint is getting someone to do the machining without taking too long. The new engines should be very reliable with having an integral water jacket and o ring seals. The new pistons I have had made are 40 grams lighter and better quality than the original Konig pistons. We are hoping for great things but will have to wait and see. I have castings for a 500cc motor which i will test in my sidecar but i want to build it to put in a solo. It is waiting for time and money at the moment.  

koning sidecar
Where I am up to at the present time. The engine is just a set of empty cases as I have used them to fabricate the exhausts. so I can  use them to fabricate my exhausts to. All the fibreglass has been fitted and removed. All brakes, exhausts, radiators, header tank, passenger platform are finished and can be refitted once the engine has been finalised. The chassis is a John Derbyshire chassis and was built to house a 750 tz Yamaha. I have altered chassis quite a bit so i could fit narrower wheels of a different diameter. To see more photos, please click Konig Kneeler photos

The photos below are  of the sump I am using in my sidecar which has fins cast on the underside to aid cooling. I also have some solo sumps which can be seen on later pages.

Konig sump casting

New sump casting and wooden pattern. The new sump is 15mm deeper than the original.

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