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In this page-- wholesale world stamps, Queen Victoria King George VI commonwealth stamps, World scoop stamps, British Empire scoop stamps, West Europe scoop stamps, Germany off paper stamps. New stock arriving frequently please visit us often to keep up to date.

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These mixtures are extremely popular especially wit those who find it tedious washing stamps off paper. You can transfer them straight into your collection ( no fuss! ) We have regular supplies coming from charities at home and overseas, auction lots, personal collections etc.

*New* Queen Victoria-King George VI Commonwealth stamps
It is real gem and very rare ( Probably unique to the stamp market). Off paper and therefore no soaking required. We were lucky to buy a retired dealer/collectors collection of albums and accumulations and was not sure what to do with so have decided to treat you all by busting the whole lot into one off paper mixture. As we do not sell this type of stamps individually or by catalogue value we have left that for you. Great interest for postmark collectors as many of them will be now obsolete, and great for watermark, shade and perf varieties. Majority being George V and VI but also contains Victoria and Edward. Once sold out will probably not be seen again. Around 2000 stamps per 1/4 lb.
1/4 lb, 1/2 lb 
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS2-1

World scoop stamps An off paper mixture scooped from our oddments tub. Emanating from Charities, Auctions, personal collections and our own supplies. Great variety. Your will find high Cat ( please tell us when you do ) and many additions for your collections. Each 1 lb lot is about 7000 stamps.
1/2 lb, 1 lb, 5 lbs 
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS2-2

British empire scoop stamps An off  paper mixture covering old Empire and Modern Commonwealth. Several clients found stamps cataloguing 10 to 50 each. No promises but with at least 7000 stamps / lb you will have great fun sorting.
1/2 lb, 1 lb 
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS2-3

West Europe scoop stamps An off paper mixture of small and large stamps with much earlier material. many better and unusual values. In great demand as our interests in the EEC grow. Approx. 10000 stamps to 1 lb.
1/2 lb, 1 lb  Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS2-4

Germany off paper stamps Mixed batches of 1000 stamps. Remember there will be some duplication but these packs only contain semi-postals ( charities stamps ) and high value commems DM 2.00 upwards. No two pairs will necessarily be the same. Cat value is very high.
Per 1000 stamps  Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS2-5

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