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In this page-- wholesale world stamps, Great britain charity on and off paper stmapsl, monster sack stamps. New stock arriving frequently please visit us often to       keep up to date.

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Evergreen mixtures permanently advertised are listed here to remind you of the best value in GB you can buy,
selling over 10 tonnes each year

Great Britain Charity Stamps: The mixture is entirely but entirely unpicked and as such is inconsistent for content. It will contain Definitives, Commems, Greetings, Regionals, High Value, Off Paper and some Foreign. There are hours and hours of fun to be had and you can buy this mixture time and time again at our bargain prices. 
Mini Sack 5kg/11lbs  Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-20-1  sold out
Medium Sack 9kg/20lbs  Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-20-2  sold out
Monster Sack 20kg/44lbs  Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-20-3  sold out
Should anyone wish for a larger quantity we will quote you a special price for up to 1 tonne.

Great Britain Definitives Stamps: A 18 kg sack of on paper which is bound to contain much post-mark interest, possibly Regionals, High Values, much Phosphor, paper and perf varieties. Sorted and delivered only by charitable institution. Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-21

Great Britain XMAS Issues Stamps only: If you enjoy rummaging through kilo ware then this could be the one for you. A 9 kg sack of totally unpicked Xmas on paper stamps collected by charity sources. Would also suit collectors looking for different postmarks.
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-22

Great Britain Off Paper Charity Mix Stamps: The tedious washing of this modern mixture has been done for you already by charity supporters! There are nearly 500 basic machines to collect. One of each in good nick can cost over 500.00. We can't guarantee all in there but you will have great fun sorting, includes commems, high value commems and defins to 5.00, worth the price on their own. Guaranteed totally unpicked and all genuine postally used. 
1 lb, 2 lbs, 10 lbs 
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-23

Great Britain Off Paper Commems and large only Mixture Stamps: The mixture is comparatively new as we have been inundated with lots of bits and pieces from both charity workers and our own customers! The variety is enormous, certainly going back well over 20 years. There will be approx. 5000 stamps to 1 lb weight.
1/2 lb, 1 lbs, 2 lbs 
Click for enquiry order  Order No: WHS1-24

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